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I have a problem with the GPS Data and the GROW Website. I got the GPS Data for every sensor and when I put it in for a sensor, the location appears for a while. But the next time I log in the Data is lost again and there are the GPS Data from the beginning, which are not right. Only a few stay at the right new location on the map. Has anybody the same problem?


Hello i have the same Problem ,but some times it goes.

Hi Andre-Joseph and the LebensGut team

I've checked with our technical team and they are aware of the problem and are working on it. Please keep a note of the GPS co-ordinates for now and we will let you know when the problem is fixed.

Thanks for your patience.

Best wishes


Can you let us know when this is resolved. Thanks

Same problem here. When is it solved?

Hi everyone, this should be fixed now so please give it another go, maybe just testing with a couple of sensors to being with. If you are still having problems let us know.

Thanks Victoria

Hi Victoria. André-Joseph who i have been in contact with has told me that after testing it still doesn't work for him. He can't change the position of sensors and it doesn't accept coordintes if he changes GPS coordinates manually either. Thanks for looking into this again. As he is quite tired testing he asked me if i could send you an email with the list of his coordinates and you would change it for him. Would that be possible? Best wishes Tania community champion Luxembourg

Hi all. Good news. Andre-Joseph tried again this morining and he just managed a few minutes ago to correct the position of his sensors! youhouu. He will check again tonight or tomorrwow to see if the new coordinates remain in the system (i.e. aren't changed when he updates the data). Have a nice day, Tania

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