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Hi. I am Linda. New to the Houston TX area. Adapting to the very different growing seasons and soil. Use to loamy soil and this is mostly clay. The grass here is like crab grass from home, and a new set of pests. Challenges are good for the soil. :)

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Hi Linda, welcome to the GROW Observatory.

The GROW Observatory is a new project, funded by the EU until the end of 2019. We are developing activities that will meet our funder requirements in Europe but at the same time we are building a citizen observatory model that will work across the EU and across the world.

We really value your input wherever you are in the world, this can be by taking part in our great online courses, through participating in our online community via our website, sharing your growing stories and helping us build support for sustainable growing, soil conservation and ecological prosperity.

We hope to be as inclusive as we can possibly be, but there will be different ways to get involved in different places. Sadly not every activity will be available to everyone everywhere because of our current resource constraints.

In some activities we can involve anyone from anywhere, such as this MOOC course. In other activities, only people from specific places will be able to take part. This is the case where we have to match scientific requirements with the locations of growing communities for the soil moisture measurements for example.

So while at the start, our funding is directly supporting work in Europe, we are aiming to crease a buzz across the world to enable us to roll out the GROW Observatory. For example, we see a lot of potential in specific regions, such as the Sahel in Africa.

Please keep in touch with us through the GROW website as the GROW Observatory develops and as we, together identify more opportunities to work with you and our supporters across Europe and further afield.

And don't forget our social media platforms and newsletter if you haven't signed up for that yet - it will keep you in touch with all that we are planning.