Futurebuild 2019 - London

General Discussion

Slightly off topic, but I'd recommend this event to anyone in London or who can visit London with an interest in green landscaping/building.


It links in well (in my opinion) with some of the soil/watermanament) topics (that can affect buildings as well as soil/landscapes.

So your if you in London check it out.. March next year.




Thank you for sharing James, will you be at this event? Earlier on this year we discussed global challenges facing soils on our first online course, one of them being the effect of urbanisation, and how buildings, concreted gardens for parking and streets are sealing soils permanently under asphalt and concrete, and increasing the risk of floods in cities. We will run this course again next year starting on 11th Feb 2019, people interested can register for free on this page: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/grow-from-soil-to-sky

Rachuel, Regrettably I won't be at Futurebuild this year,as travel is difficult for me, and expensive, to be away from base for more than 48 hours. (I could write a whole entry on green healthcare and issues with Chronic Kidney Disease, and Renal Replacement Therapies, but thats for another time.

Again, I recommend the event to anyone who can get to or lives in London and wants to learn more about the way the building industry, or part of it, is trying to tackle these issues. J