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Forum Netiquette

Just as having good etiquette in face-to-face contact helps your communication, having good online etiquette - or 'netiquette' - can help you have effective online conversations. To ensure that you are an effective communicator online, please familiarise yourself with these Netiquette guidelines.

The principles of effective online discussions are similar to those developed for face-to-face discussions. However, because we cannot see body language or hear emotion, more care and attention is needed online than in face-to-face discussion. offers a space for growers and citizen scientists to interact, share knowledge and collaborate online. Some of you might be experienced in using online fora, while for others, this might be the first time. By following the simple guidelines set out below you will be contributing to effective online communication – Enjoy!

What to post and how to post it.

  • Always use a clear Subject line
  • Post in a way which is consistent with “normal writing.” That is, users should not post excessive numbers of emoticons, large, small or coloured text, etc. Similarly users should not SHOUT (type in capitals) or use excessive punctuation (e.g. ! and ?) in topic titles or posts.
  • Try to keep messages short and to the point, but at the same time, try to avoid one word replies
  • If you are copying something written by someone else, quote it and give them credit
  • Try to use an appropriate, descriptive title when posting a new topic. This helps others find your topic, allowing you to receive replies.
  • Post in the appropriate section of the site. Please post your question in the appropriate section. This helps others find your topic, allowing you to receive replies. If in doubt as to where your post should go you can PM the moderator
  • Starting a thread by link to a video hosted elsewhere eg. youtube does not constitute discussion. We have no problems with you linking to a suitable video, however, it should be accompanied by a brief outline of its contents. If you post it, you must be prepared to discuss it.
  • By uploading/posting a photo within any of the threads on, you the user, must have...
  1. taken the photo yourself, and received the permission of the people in the photo or
  2. own the copyright to the photo, and received the permission of the people in the photo. or
  3. have the permission of the copyright owner, and received the permission of the people in the photo. If the photo you are posting does not fall into category (1), (2) or (3), do not post the photo.
  • Please do not flood the board with posts just to build up post count or hammer home a point (deemed as spamming).
  • Give others a chance to get a word in.
  • Be positive: acknowledge and support your fellow GROWers

Be respectful

  • GROW is bringing thousands of growers together from very different backgrounds and with very different growing techniques, please be respectful of other people’s views and methods even if you don’t agree with them. GROW aims to provide a supportive and friendly environment to support learning and knowledge exchange.
  • GROW is a European wide project and there will be growers from many different countries whose main language is not English. * Please appreciate the effort of writing in a second language.
  • Try to differentiate between fact and your own opinion
  • The use of expletives (bad language) is frowned upon. Users consistently using expletives will be warned and have their posts edited.
  • In the interest of all users do not discuss politics or religion.


  • Please do not post the same post in multiple threads.
  • Please avoid double posting of queries/comments and the bumping of threads.


  • Avoid sarcasm, irony, shouting (writing in CAPITALS) and flaming spirals.
  • If you want to disagree with someone start by restating what you think they have said in your own words.


  • Please avoid posting your contact details (email, address, phone number) on the forums.

Reporting messages

  • We do not expect any, but you can report any offensive messages to GROW by clicking on the “Report this message” button.
  • Any messages deemed offensive by the GROW team will be deleted from the Forum, and the author of such messages will be banned from the GROW community.


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