Flower Power hardware issue(s)

Sensors and DIY

As owner/ operator of one of the GROW sites in Southern Portugal, i have received a shipment of 320 sensors that we are planning to deploy in a "smart grid" that wraps around our farm, or part of it (it's 43ha, or some 100 acres in total area, so we need to be smart about sensor placement -smarter than we are at present :-)

One big concern i have at this point is impermeability of these sensors, because i gather (through online user forums that are still hosted by Parrot co, though they know longer support the product nor answer any related questions) that numerous users have suffered infiltration of the battery compartment with rainwater and subsequent failure of the device, rendering it effectively useless. I gather from what has been shared that there is no known fix for the problem... And what i've been unable to find out as of yet is if this is caused by something the user did wrong (like failing to screw cap of battery compartment on tightly enough), or if it's a defect in the product (perhaps the rubber gasket between cap and housing).

So this is to ask: Does anybody here have any experience of using this device in the rain, or any knowledge about this issue? If so, i would greatly appreciate if you could share that info here... Along with any other issues related to this hardware that we would do well to know about, before going ahead with large-scale deployment.


Hi Walt, I met you a number of years ago through the Permaculture Teachers network, I hope you are well. I am a community catalyst in GROW for the community champions and GROW Places. I made an enquiry re your concern, this is the reply that came back.... "while the Flower Power sensor was originally designed for indoor use, the GROW team tested the sensors during winter conditions in different climatic regions in Europe during 2016/17. The sensors, while not completely waterproof, perform well in rainy conditions. Our recommendation is that batteries are changed in dry conditions and while maintaining the sensor in the ground to avoid losing the location spot recorded on the app." . Perhaps others here might have some insights or be able to help, anyone?

Sure i remember you, Davie (you taught us all about the Viable Systems Model, which kinda rocked my world :-) Thanks for the quick & helpful response. I will certainly follow your advice when it comes to changing batteries, and am planning to run a little test with simulated rainfall, as we get closer to rollout (am waiting on software that should enable me to access data from my sensors). Watching this space!