Experimenters online meet-up - Wednesday 1st August 9am


Dear Experimenters

Our next online meet-up will be on Wednesday 1st August at 9am BST (UK time) - check your time here.

This month we have a presenter from the James Hutton Institute who will be introducing the GROW Edible Plant Database and how you can help improve the growing information for your area by sharing your usual planting and harvesting dates for certain crops.

Our optional online monthly meet-ups are a great opportunity to discuss the experiment and your experiences with other growers and our GROW scientists and researchers. Anyone participating in (or just following the experiments) is welcome to join no matter where you are in the world.

We are using a video conferencing system called Zoom for the meet-ups. You can join the meet-up by following this link in your web browser https://zoom.us/j/304453568. If you already use Zoom for video meetings, you can also join from your desktop or mobile app.

Warm wishes


On behalf of Naomi, Victoria, Alice, Raquel, Gerid, and the GROW Observatory team

email: science@growobservatory.org


Hello Victoria .

Thank you for letting us know .

It will be interesting to find out more about GROW Edible Plant Database and to see how the other Experimenters are doing :) .

Best wishes .


Thanks. I will try to join in. Placed my sensor in the ground yesterday and looking forward to finding out more. Joanna

Dear Experimenters,

I'm really looking forward to chatting with you tomorrow. There are always so many interesting stories and experiences to share. I hope to see some old faces and meet new folks. Everyone is most welcome.

Warmest wishes, Naomi

Hello Dr Naomi .

Looking forward to the online meeting tomorrow too .

When is the GROW app suppose to be ready ?

Hopefully it will make communication easier .

Today I’ve took all the spinach plants from the monoculture plot . Many seeds to sort now and will sow some of them to compare with the ones I bought .

Best wishes to all .


Hi everyone,

It was wonderful to see you all in the meeting yesterday and to hear how you're all getting on with the experiment - and with this unusual weather!

For those who weren't able to make it, in addition to sharing our experiment experiences, we had a great presentation from Susan Verrall at the James Hutton Institute about a new growing feature we're working on: "Sharing our planting calendars." More on this below. We also had some wonderful info from Victoria Burton at the Permaculture Association on biodiversity in your plot and how to encourage the good critters like hoverflies and butterflies and discourage the pests like aphids. More on this coming soon!

Share my planting calendars
We've been growing food for thousands of years. Despite this, the instructions on seed packets are often very different to our actual planting and harvesting times. I always add a couple of weeks to the planting times on seed packets because I live further north than where most of the seeds are grown.

We want to make this growing information better for everyone by helping people share and find locally-suited planting times. Can you help other local growers in your area know when is good to plant? Would you like to see if you're harvesting earlier or later than others?

If so - please help share your usual planting and harvesting times. You can just add a few crops - perhaps the crops we used in the experiment? Do you normally grow them? If so, roughly when do you normally plant and harvest them? Note that this might not be the same as when you actually did this for the experiment this year.

Please do feel free add as many crops as you grow!

Sharing on facebook

  1. Join the facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1946906195352736/

  2. Find a picture of the crop you'd like to share info about.
    For example, the green beans, the spinach, or the radish. There is a photo album of vegetables and one of herbs too.

  3. Add a comment to share:

  • CROP
  • Place -
  • How I grow -
  • When I sow outdoors -
  • When I harvest -
  • Variety -

    For example, let's take radish:

  • Place - Place - Seville, Spain
  • How I grow - sow out doors
  • When I sow outdoors - 01 Feb till 28 Feb
  • When I harvest - 01 March till 16 April
  • Variety - "cherry belle"
    1. Add some more if you like. : )

    You can also see how planting dates in other areas compare via this nifty map.

    Not on facebook? That's ok, just share by replying to this comment - copy the info needed in step 3 above and fill in with your details. We'll also shortly share how best to contact Susan directly (she's actually on leave this week but kindly popped in for our meeting!).

    Want to get better local info for your area? Share this with your friends and neighbourhood growers!

    :) Naomi

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