Experiment results form and soil testing kit ordering

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Thanks for taking part in the Experiment. The form for recording your planting dates and ordering a soil test kit is here: https://hub.growobservatory.org/my-experiments/polycultures-v-monocultures/experiment-data

We have had a delay getting the harvest recording sheet up on the website so please make a note for now and an email will be sent when the form is available on the website.



Hello Victoria, When we fill in the recording sheet, as I have done long ago, and then open it again there are no data to be found. Do you have them somewhere or do we have to send them over again?

Hi Tonje

If you mean the Land Survey or Planting Date forms yes we would have received data from those. We are still working on ways to display your data back to you in the website.

If you need to make amendments let me know.

Hope that answers your question.

Best wishes Victoria

Thank you Victoria, What makes me confused is that the data are not visible and there are no way to see if it is done or not. As far as I can see. If there is, it would be most appreciated to learn how. When can we expect any news about the test kit?

Hi Tonje

You are correct, unfortunately there is no way to see the data already entered at the moment. Our web designers are still working on the part of the website where you can see your data, apologies but we have had some technical delays.

If you filled in your planting dates and ordered a test kit using this form [ [https://hub.growobservatory.org/my-experiments/polycultures-v-monocultures/experiment-data](](https://hub.growobservatory.org/my-experiments/polycultures-v-monocultures/experiment-data]() https://hub.growobservatory.org/my-experiments/polycultures-v-monocultures/experiment-data)) it should be posted to you soon.

Best wishes Victoria

Hi Victoria, Ok. That answers my questions. Thank you so much for making it all clear. Good luck to the web designers, I am sure you make a brilliant job on invisible things which we take for granted. Have a nice GROWday!