EDINBURGH - 5 July Presentation & Demonstration of using Sensors in our Changing Climate Mission

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In the GROW Changing Climate mission we are deploying a large number of soil sensors across Europe, focused in a limited number of areas because a high density of measurements is the most valuable. Supply of the leading low cost soil sensor we are using in GROW is limited so we are distributing it through 9 focus areas, called GROW Places.

Edinburgh and the central belt of Scotland is the UK’s GROW Place and if you are living in this area with a growing plot available, we invite you to join us to take part in this mission.

If you are interested in taking part in GROW missions in Scotland, please come along to our presentation/demonstration meet-ups being held across the country in June and July. Find out more about GROW by registering on the website, reading our articles, joining us on social media and signing up for our newsletter.

Next meet-up: Thursday 5 July, between 10-12 noon The Cottage at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Edinburgh

If you can't make it on this date please read more in Get Involved about how we are completing our missions in GROW Places and complete a registration form here to put yourself in touch with the Scotland GROW Place Community Champion who will get in contact with you directly.


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