Download GROW's first activity sheet - testing your soil, and magic lemonade!

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We're really excited to share our first activity sheet with you! If you have seen our newsletters and some of our other materials, you may know that we are working on activities and experiments that we will release over the summer - these will tie into our monthly themes.

This first sheet gives information and directions for testing your soil's acidity and alkalinity using pH strips or... cabbage water! It also has a recipe for colour-changing lemonade that shows you what happens when an alkaline liquid meets an acidic liquid. (Spoiler alert: It leads to tasty - and scientific - results!)

You can download the pdf here:

Comment below to let us know what you think and how you get on with the experiments. You can also leave comments about any ideas you have for future experiments.

Have a great weekend! The GROW team


This looks amazing! Thank you :D

Can't wait to try the lemonade. How much does it taste of lavender and how much of lemons...?

The taste is stronger if you make the lemonade with the lavender leaves, but the colour change is more dramatic if you use the flowers.

The best test is to make different batches and see what you like!