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Having been at the garden for about 15 years I have developed the site for veg with raised beds which has meant importing soils and compost from on site and from outside and this has needed to be dug in over the early years but as my soil has improved and crops expand in volume I need to take more time to plant and harvest and so quite grateful when my Organic Gardeners arranged a No-dig Evening with Charles Dowling and I am now a complete convert to this way of thinking as it is saving a deal of time. As for weeding, this is still required on the flower beds (they tend to get ignored in favour of the veg) this tends to get done as and when, so these beds are not getting any better and not getting any worse. Hope to truely get on top soon although many say that having nettles and ground elder is the sign of a healthy garden!

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Hi Terry - that sounds awesome. I've become a no-dig convert too :) How long have you been doing it for?

Nettles thrive in areas of high nitrogen - you'll often notice patches in a sheep pasture that align well with where the sheep toilet - so definitely a good sign of fertility in that way.