Could different people go and download the data from a soil sensor using more than one portable phone?

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How could a small group of people manage a batch of sensors collectively? The question is whether different people could take turns go and download the data from the same sensors on different days but with different mobile phones? WOuld it work if they each installed a flower power app and logged in with the same account? Or perhaps register as different users and upload the same data via different accounts -this would create doubles so not so good. Thank you for feedback on this. For some organisations it is difficult to join the project if they can't have muliple data readers within their group. Best wishes, Tania


Hi again Tania; this has come up in online meetups before and as I'm not sure of the definitive answer I will follow up with the sensing team and try to progress an answer for you (and everyone else!) Thanks for the question!

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Dear Tania, the best way would be to login with the same account on different devices, this will not create any problem! Best, Luca