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If you are interested in GROW and based in Scotland then we would like to talk to you at an event where we will focus on the GROWing issues that matter to us all, here in Scotland.

You know that there are many human and environmental challenges facing us today.

Two challenges that GROW is focusing on are saving our soils and adapting to climate change. By helping people understand and improve both soil and food growing practices, by contributing soil moisture data over a large geographical scale and by empowering people to work on these topics collaboratively we can aid climate science, impact on policy, and make a difference in our own actions.

GROW helps you to connect with growers, scientists, and others passionate about the land and to access information from world leaders in growing. If you would like to participate in a GROW event in Scotland, please fill in this form:

GROW Scotland Interest form

We will only use it to contact you about participatory GROW events in Scotland and we never share your details (check out our Privacy Policy signed when you register to the GROW website)

If you want to contact us about anything else please use the forums here or email and we'll get someone back to you.

Thank you.


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