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On the website I can only check the collected data for the last week that has been uploaded. Is it possible to have a look at the complete data-history of each sensor?, or is this only possible with the Parrot-APP?

Best, Georges


Dear Victoria,

I have similar questions, I know that the app shows the data (just recently recognized that I need to have a plant set up as well for each sensor to show correct graphs and averages), but its not easy to analyse on a small smartphone. I was glad to hear about the excel analysis tool, but I am stuck with it because of a few reasons:

  1. Mydata app downloads only last 30 days of data (I have so far ca 6 months)
  2. The CSV does not contain all the columns shown in the help file (eg Plant Nickname, Sensoridentifier, and Nickname (I see that using this app adds the sensor serial number to the CSV though), resulting in an error message when I try to refresh the pivots in the analysis file. Message is about not finding the plant nickname column.

Have I missed a step while trying to set up the analysis file? Do I have to manually add those 3 columns to the CSV to complete the data?

Thank you in advance for your feedback, and sorry if I have put my question in the wrong place.

Kind regards: Tamas

Hi Tamas

Have you downloaded the most recent version of MyData? The newest version should have a longer time period of data and the new column names.

If not let me know and I will put you in touch with the program's author.

Best wishes