Cloud analysis error on Flower Power app

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We also appear to be having the problem with data upload i.e. same issue as Wendy in Gargunnock. Bluetooth connection and data collection proceed without any problem. Data processing starts and the purple wheel turns, until a message appears,stating "Cloud analysis error, please check later". The same pattern for each of the five sensors on repeated attempts. This has been happening for the past few days with two sets of sensors on different devices and accounts. Sensor software version is up to date on all. We've tried the usual: rebooted phones, logged out and back into accounts, put phones on house wifi & off wifi using mobile data. No luck. Other users in our area are having a similar/same issue. Please advise.


Hi Mary

Several people have reported "Cloud analysis error, please check later" and our technical team are looking into it.

Please could you email email to let them know that you also have this error, and include the email address that you used to register with the GROW website.

Best wishes


GROW Citizen Science Designer and Facilitator

Hi Mary

Our technical team spoke with the sensor manufacturers yesterday and think we have fixed the problem. Please could you try again to sync your sensor and let us know?

Many thanks