Citizen Science: From Data to Action - contacts in your areas. Register this week for possible new contacts?

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Hi Wendy and all Community Champions You are all aware that the latest online GROW/FutureLearn course Citizen Science: From Data to Action is in its third and final week this week - if you have not had time to register and take part in it, I urge you to register before the end of this week (23/11/2018) after which you can do it in your own time.
Participants are encouraged to use the FutureLearn forum as part of the course and we will forward to you anyone who is in your area who you may wish to contact, but if you have time, having registered for the course you can interact with the FL forum yourselves to make contact with others in your area.
All the participants are encouraged to register with GROW at the end of the course where if you wish you can make direct contact from the GROW forum. Citizen Science: From Data to Action


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