Celebrate World Soil Day Wednesday 5 December 2018, with GROW Observatory

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Join GROW Observatory on Wednesday 5 December, World Soil Day to promote healthy soils and sustainable management of soil resources! We’re hosting real life events and sharing lots of relevant information on line to address soil pollution and promote soil health.

During the day events will be held in Portugal, Scotland and Luxembourg and you can join GROW's Citizen Science: From Data to Action free online webinar to advocate for the sustainable management of soil resources!

Participate digitally with the launch of a data art app "By the Code of Soil", an online networked digital artwork, created by Kasia Molga and Scanner working with the GROW Observatory, which invites you to experience soil through a uniquely data-driven generated audio-visual representation on your laptop or desktop computer. Simply download the By the Code of Soil software application to connect. The soil will manifest itself to you when it is ready... Find out more on the Code of Soil website

On Saturday the 8th, if you’re in Ireland, come to an event on soil & climate action. https://medium.com/grow-observatory-blog/join-us-for-world-soil-day-e5b241e3dc02

Take a look at our Medium article for World Soil Day which contains all the links: GROW Observatory World Soil Day

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Many thanks to everybody who joined the GROW Webinar yesterday to celebrate World Soil Day! You can access the full recording here.

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