Can't save my picture and personal details into the Profile

Guidelines and Support

Hello, I have tried with Firefox and Chrome, latest versions. The system lets me write details into the fields and I can click on upload picture. But nothing happens when I save. Any ideas? Thank you. Kind regards, Doris


Hi Doris, sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with your profile. If this is your FutureLearn profile for the online course running on Citizen Science: From Data to Action you need to ask the question on the forum in the course as FutureLearn will need to help you. If you've signed in to the GROW Observatory website and can't save your details then please send an email to

even worse, in my case the website chose/stole a random picture file from my hard drive...!

Doris and Erich, I replied to your emails. We are still working on fixing this problem.

thank you. it also applies to all other profile updates, btw. best regards, erich