Can I get rid of the radishes?


Since I’m not very fond of radishes, I saved some to grow to see if the pods were more tasty. If I had known they would become this big I wouldn’t have done it! The butterflies love the flowers, which is nice, but the plants are taking over completely and it is difficult to harvest the beans because of them. I didn’t like the pods, not even pickled, and would prefer not to harvest them at all (only save some seeds).

My question is: can I get rid of all the radishes without harvesting and weighing the pods or would that ruin the experiment?


Hi Janna

For the experiment we are mostly interested in the harvest you actually use so please go ahead and remove the radishes.

If you have time to weigh the roots it would be useful for the experiment to enter the weight on the harvest recording form and select that none of the crop was usable. If not, please just enter 0 weight and make a note that you didn't harvest them.

Thanks and best wishes


Hi Janna, Just to add to Victoria's comment. We are interested in the useable harvest (even if you don't use it!).

I'm sorry that you don't like the pods either. :( Thanks for your questions :)

If you could weigh whichever you have that would be wonderful. If they got to pods already, please weigh those since the roots will probably be large but not edible. If you do weigh the roots (instead/as well) use the quality score to indicate that they can't be eaten. I hope that helps?

Many, many thanks for all your hard work! I hope you enjoy your bean and spinach harvests more.

: ) Naomi

Thanks for your answers, I'll try to weigh the pods, there's loads of them and quite time consuming to pick, but I'll give it a go. One more question: If I want to save seed, when should I pick the pods - now and dry them or let them dry on the plant and then pick them? Very best, Janna