Broad bean sowing times

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Hi, a couple of years ago, I pointed out that the GROW app information regarding sowing broad beans could be amended to include the fact that they can be sown in the autumn for production the following summer.

There is a problem with the app, which means I canโ€™t access any of the growing advice. I do not therefore know whether the amendment was made. However, here is what is happening at my local organic farm near Leeds this coming Saturday, 28th September 2919:

In short, amongst other activities, broad beans are being sown.

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Hi Helen thank you for your input.

We have had a few issues with the app, but these have been resolved and it should be up and running again.

Your point about the broad beans has been noted, and the data we have collected from growers, for planting and harvesting dates, will be loading into the app. Specifically, for broad beans, the polls we have been running on Facebook are just starting to cover autumn planting, and I hope members of the page will contribute in sufficient numbers to validate a second planting season for them.