Biodiversity in your growing space


Hi everyone

The GROW Team have been discussing what topics around biodiversity in your growing spaces to cover over the summer and I thought I would ask what you are interested in finding out more about.

We have considered pollinators (bees, hoverflies etc.) and aphid natural enemies (ladybird larvae, parasitic wasps etc.) which both play important roles in food growing. Could you let us know:

  1. Which of these are you most interested in finding out more about?
  2. Is there anything else related to biodiversity that you are particularly interested in?

We probably won't be able to cover all of these this year but it will be good to know what you are interested in for the future.

Thanks and best wishes



I am very interested in pollinators but it is probably more useful to know more about aphid and natural enemies. Snails and slugs are also something that is mentioned a lot on forum. I have seen permaculture forest gardens on youtube where there are no need for pesticides because the birds, insects and fish make a perfect circuit. That would be a very interesting thing to learn more about.

I would like to learn more about aphids natural enemies and how to encourage them.

I don't have a problem with aphids so, selfishly, I would prefer more information on pollinators. I'm taking part in the Great Bee Count at the moment which has raised my awareness of different species. I'm really keen to understand which species prefer which plants and when they are active, so that I plant suitable nectar sources for them.

Like Tonje, I'm also really interested in slug (and snail) prevention. This is my main pest even though I have a few rogue frogs on my plot. I'd be really keen to see some trials looking at different slug preventions methods. I've never tried nematodes as the correct application sounds tricky, therefore I rely more on physical barriers.

Thanks everyone

There certainly seems to be a particular interest in slugs and snails! We will have to look into that for you.

Do let me know any other ideas you may have.

Best wishes


Hi. I do rely on going out with a torch for several nights in springtime, when first veg are sown, to get the numbers down! It makes a huge difference.

I must be the most unusual gardener in that I don’t have a problem with slugs and snails. Whether this is because my garden is so dry (irrespective of summer conditions this year) or because biodiversity, I wouldn’t like to say.

I do, however, have trouble with aphids. They love the currants, whose growth is quite stunted because of them. They used to attack one of the apple trees but for whatever reason that no longer happens. It would be interesting therefore to learn more this issue.

Pollinators are fascinating - I’m not good at identifying beyond the general species but there certainly is a range! Gave up on the pollinator count and I was always photographing the same plant - could have done it hundreds of times a day.