beds layout


I hope it will be ok, but I'll have to put the four beds side by side, so it will look different from the figure in the video in the 3.12 steps. The area for every bed will be the same.Anyway ,today I am goig to plant the beans seeds inside, as in Sheffield is still quite chilly. Good weather to everyone. fausto


Hi Pierfausto,

thank you for participating. You will get an email this week with the full information on how and where to plant out your seeds and seedlings. So long as the beds are the sizes given with at least a 50 cm gap between them, it will be fine.

Yes, I'm planting my beans inside first too!

I'm looking forward to growing with you, Naomi

Ciao Pierfausto .

I’ve started my Cobra beans indoors too . The weather still quite cold here in Romford too . Good luck with your experiment ! Ionut

Hi Fausto. I'm in the NW and am going to start my beans indoors this week. I've sown some borlotti beans outdoors already for elseweher on my allotment and they are very slow to germinate so I'll start my Cobra beans in the heated propagator. Caroline

Hi Caroline .

Which type of borlotti have you started ? I’ve grown two varieties last year in our allotments dwarf and a small climbing one . Haven’t started them yet but Cobra it’s ready to go in compost . I normally start them in damp kitchen towel :) .

Best wishes .