Become a Super Experimenter for the GROW Experiment

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Are you running the GROW polyculture versus monoculture experiment in one or more community gardens, in a school or any other place where a wider group of participants can take part? Or are you running multiple versions of the experiment in your own growing site e.g. repeating the experiment in a polytunnel and outside? If so, we want to hear from you!

As a Super Experimenter, you will become part of a diverse group of people with whom to share your project and exchange findings, ideas and knowledge. Super Experimenters will also receive rewards for their participation and the opportunity to become more involved in GROW, such as highlighting your experiment progress at one of the online meet-ups throughout the summer or widening your audience for your community project.

For more information visit our Super Experimenter page.

Best wishes


On behalf of Naomi, Alice, Raquel, Gerid, and the GROW Observatory team


I've only just thought of this, but I'll suggest conducting the polyculture/monoculture experiment at my kids' school, which has a large garden area with a vegetable garden, next academic year. Even if it doesn't count for the big European experiment, it can be interesing for city kids (the school in the city, not near where we live) to see how much food you can grow in a little space.

Hi Valeria, that sounds perfect, thanks! We plan to run the experiment again in a similar way next year too, so plenty of time to prepare your school for the adventure!

Kind regards, Naomi