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Chris Herden here from Australia. I am a biological ag scientist, teacher, researcher interested in participating in your project. Help please. CH

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Hi Chris, thanks for getting in touch with us. It's great to hear that you're interested in joining GROW from Australia!

There are several different ways you can get involved - sign up to the newsletter to get the first info about the monthly activities - these are fun, short activities that often have an investigative or learning element.

Feel free to join the Mulching Experiment and see if soils in Australia respond in the same way!

Look out for our free online courses coming in early 2018 - if you sign up to the newsletter you'll be the first to know about these. Anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to join in learning about soils, food growing, and citizen science.

We'll also be running some more citizen science experiments next year. Most of these will focus on European soils, but we're up for discussing if you'd like to do something similar in Australia..?

I hope that helps?

Kind regards, Naomi