Are you ready for By the Code of Soil on 21 March?

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By the Code of Soil

Connecting the soil with the sky Twice a day, every day, the European Space Agency’s flagship satellite, Sentinel-1, passes over your head. Across Europe, thousands of GROW Observatory soil sensors have been deployed by citizens to improve the accuracy of observations from space.

Artists Kasia Molga and Scanner have worked with the GROW Observatory to represent the connection between soil and space in artistic form. By the Code of Soil is grown from soil moisture data and presented to you whenever Sentinel 1, passes over your location.

The uniquely generated digital artwork draws on data from soil moisture sensors installed in the nine GROW Places. GROW’s Changing Climate mission is helping satellite science develop more accurate climate models, weather maps and predictions.

You can experience an audiovisual sequence from By the Code of Soil data-driven artwork on this webpage, or to experience the full experience, download the app on to your personal computer for Windows or Mac. On 21 March 2019 (spring equinox), By the Code of Soil, the artwork will emerge across the network - appearing on everyone's computers at the same time!



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