Are the sensors waterproof?

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I have one of my sensors, giving no more signals at all. Changing the battery, didn't help. Then I saw little waterdrops under the white glass.


Hi Tania and Amanda, I have dried my sensors inside my house for the two days I have been absent and now they are functioning again. Just in case I put some glue on the splitting. May be this prevents me from future problems. I hope this informations are useful for other people too. Greetings Marie-Rose

Hi Tania, I've asked about this and although our teams have thoroughly tested the sensors some do seem to be less waterproof than others? People have used tape or silicone sealant around any gaps in the plastic casing. I have asked our Sensing network team to have a closer look at this and record how many sensors are failing on waterproofing. Hope this helps in the meantime.

Thank you Amanda. DO you recommend that we advise people to seal all their sensors to prepare for winter? Or shall we wait and see hoy many fail and replace them? Thank you