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Hello I have a acuaponic urban garden, dose we apply to this proyect?

Saludos! Ch


Don't think so Jesus, but I will check with the GROW science team. Most of our learning is around soil and regenerative practice but I will check what else in our wonderful resources might be of use to you? Amanda, Communications Officer @GROW

Thanks for getting in touch and welcome to GROW Observatory!

A lot of what we're doing in GROW is motivated by the need to better understand, protect and even help to regenerate our soils. It's very interesting that you're doing aquaponics which is, of course, another approach to some of our food growing issues. Although the focus is on soils, you can still join our online courses, starting in early 2018, which you might find useful.

If you'd like to take part in the growing experiment trying out some different crop combinations (starting in April 2018), I'd be happy to discuss with you how you can do this - it would be very interesting to see what you find out. There are elements that you wouldn't need to do - like the soils tests - but you'd still benefit from learning how to do research and from comparing your productivity. Reply here if you're interested.

Kind regards, Naomi