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Is it possible to get access to the raw data of the parrot flower power sensor?


Hello Martin, I haven't got a parrot sensor but a quick search for ‘parrot flower power mqtt’ suggests that it should be possible.


DO you have any programming knowledge ?


Hey, i've got the same issue as Martin... And i do have some coding experience in Python (rudimentary, but enough that i can do my own data analytics using libraries like numpy and pandas and such). I gather that there is a python script floating around the GROW community for exactly this purpose; dunno who to ask for it, but i´ve got a couple weeks of data in my Flower Power app just begging for analysis, and i'd be happy to serve as beta tester, if somebody can just point me to the script. ?

Hi everyone. We are still working on this and plan to release something this week.

Hi Andy, no I don`t have any programming knowledge. However, at my university we have some IT-people. Thus I have to ask them for help ;-)

Andy - I have experimented with this kind of thing and am itching to play but have no Parrot sensor. Can't I be a tester here in dry, sunny Cambridgeshire? Large open allotment site.

Walt - how are you planning to connect to your 300(!!) sensors?? As I understand it, they only talk Bluetooth (i.e. to a phone or maybe a bluetooth-enabled Raspberry Pi Zero ...??)

Sarah: great to hear! will be watching this forum for news of release, to download and test ASAP.

Aiden: Yep, data collection will be a matter of visiting each sensor with my iPhone running the app, connecting via Bluetooth, on some periodic basis (every 2 weeks, is the last i heard).

Have tested this data collection process using the BlueTooth app that i downloaded from, and it does indeed suck up the data pretty quick, as soon as you get w/in a few meters. It gives both a real-time display (you can watch the readings change, if you cast a shadow or sprinkle water around the sensor) and a histogram of data gathered over time for that particular sensor.

Of course such information is of scant value, when what we really want is data aggregated from many sensors over a long period of time, in standard tabular form (.csv ideally) to inform deep & broad analysis. Here's hoping that this is exactly what the upcoming release will enable!

Thanks Walt - good to know that the grabbing of data from individual sensors is smooth - drive-by? :-)

Not quite THAT fast, Aiden, but if we can keep this data collection chore to <aHalfDay of walking, that works for me. Remains to be seen, because i have yet to test the procedure with multiple sensors out in the field; am waiting on the new software before deploy any number of sensors where they will actually live for some years in the field (!) and register them inSitiu (important to do it that way, i gather).