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About the GROW Observatory project

So during the first course we were encouraged to put ourselves on the map - which I did and to enter data, which I totally failed as there was a problem logging on.

Moving on, just finished the 2nd course and much is made of joining in here (finally got here), but where is the data? or where do you imput any data? None of the green buttons on the right hand side of the page lead to it....so am I being a complete doofus or missing some clue?

Lynn Mann


The only place I have found to enter data, was in the first course, sending in results of the soil analysis exercise. The link to follow for entering your results is: https://growobservatory.typeform.com/to/YGHZzT It still seems to be working.

Hi both, yes, that's correct โ€“ย the data entry links were on the course pages on FutureLearn (wherever you see an image with a green cog). These take you to the respective surveys for entering your data. This forum is simply for people to exchange ideas about growing and that sort of thing, not for data submission.