That's great progress Janna - is it ok with you if we use a pic or two to send people to your blog via twitter/facebook/instagram? Thanks (Ollie from the Communications team)

hi, thanks c osbourn and ollie. and yes ollie, it's ok to use! it's a pity we can't share it here and follow each other more easily.

Hi Janna - I meant to say when I updated your link* how much I loved your blog! It's really wonderful. Thank you.

Hopefully you'll also have seen the article Ollie wrote pulling lots of experimenter's photos, blogs and progress together?

: ) Naomi

  • that's coming soon as an automatic feature - hooray!

Is it alright to keep using the link to Ollie's article? I just clicked in it for a second time and it wanted me to sign in with facebook or google. I do not have any social media accounts and tbh think I would prefer having no "friends" - especially after witnessing as many people looking for pokeymen as I have seen.

BTW My chromebook is getting very dodgy now and we cannot find any indication of anything google commits to support for any cost effective period of time so I may disappear in the near future. i have some pics - no results as yet but getting some very tasty radish. I propose to ask the local library to reccomend a blog site I can operate from there - for as long as we still have a library. All in all I am unsure how well I can participate with the experiment. I have had too many issues with the interconnectivity of the various ms operating systems to go with them again. All the best with the project.

Thank you Naomi, always nice to hear that others enjoy it! Yes, I've browsed through all the images and links, really nice to see

Hi Carol - you don't have to sign in at all to view the blog - just click "no thanks" when it asks if you want to sign up. It's a feature of Medium (the platform we use for the blog), not a part of GROW so you certainly don't have to sign in to see it. However, if you are signed in you can "clap" to show how much you appreciate an article.

I hope that you resolve your laptop issues and are able to continue experimenting with us. Some of the new tablets are a lot cheaper and mean you can still use the internet and email. If it doesn't work out but you'd still like to continue, you are welcome to email me your photos and harvest measurements on science@growobservatory.org I can also send you .pdfs of the instructions rather than a link to the website if that helps in anyway? If you think you won't be able to sustain email access, please let me know and we'll see what we can do to help you continue.

@Janna - thank you. Glad you enjoyed the compilation too.

Kind regards, Naomi

Thank you for the confirmation Naomi. That is a very interesting blog and an extremely convenient way to keep up to date with everything that is happening.

Our IT problem is that google decided we have an unsupported machine and since then it keeps cutting out. Unfortunately we cannot find any information on how long google propose to support the various iterations of their operating system. This means we could buy what to us is a new machine but because the OS is an old licence or because the machine has been around a while we are in exactly the same position has we are now.

We have thrown so many PC, laptops and tablet away because of the unsupported OS we are fed up with it now. Since we do not use the machine for games we do not benefit from the memory heavy requirements of todays computers. Sadly the final analysis functionality of the basic uses has not improved over the years. I do not do databases or spreadsheets nowadays but the old DW4 word processing on half a dozen 5.25 floppies was actually better than the document presentation available to me today. I could soap box on the subjects of photographs and MP3. Lol.

Our next IT purchase has to be based on text to voice performance so there is a considerable amount of research involved. Happily we still have a local library so we can use the machines there. Meantime I am transcribing my cloud documents to index cards. Those index cards are turning out to be very handy things. Tee Hee.