a GROW place in Lower Sachsony?

About the GROW Observatory project

Hi everyone, we don't know anything about decision making in Grow, but we would like to become a GROW place. How could that work? What demands must be met?

***greetings from Steph


Hello Allmande,

GROW is currently inviting applications from potential new GROW Places in Europe interested in joining the project. If you are still interested, please can you complete this online form by 19th March 2019 to tell us more about your location? I can share some requirements with you: GROW is looking for individuals/communities/networks able to install at least 384 sensors, either in their own land, or through a coordinated group of participants in their local area. The sensors need to be placed at least 20 metres apart from each other to avoid repeated or disturbed readings. The area around a sensor must be consistent and uniform in appearance and use, i.e. “homogeneous”, with a minimum area size defined by a 30m radius around the sensor. If the characteristics of your location and your capacity to install sensors are aligned to these requirements, please get in touch or let us know if you have any questions.

Please feel free to contact us by email, should you need any further information regarding your application to host a GROW Place in your area, at these email addresses: community@growobservatory.org; hello@growobservatory.org

Best wishes, Raquel

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in our area we could only place 384 sensors 12m apart :(