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Allmende Waldgarten
Allmende WaldgartenVerden, Germany

winter gathering in the forestgarden 14.-18.12.

This year we’re doing our second winter gathering in the forestgarden! Housing is in heated rooms to be on the safe side. Near to winter solstice we’re probably getting up in the dark and at half past 4 it’s dark again. The time in between we’re gonna spend (besides having

Jaap Bosman
Jaap BosmanNetherlands

mulching experiment

in the mulching experiment august and october are mentioned. Now is almost october, is starting the experiment still possible?

Living Soil

Living Soil is the GROW Observatory monthly theme for August. Each month, GROW looks at a topic or theme related to our project goals. This becomes our monthly theme, and we develop blogs, activities, and other content to share with you. We also look to other content creators who have interesting

Devyn O-S
Devyn O-SCloughjordan, Ireland

Make an Earthworm Hotel: Activity for our Living Soils theme

We have a new activity for you this month - making an earthworm hotel. The purpose of the activity is to see up close the effects of earthworms on the soil, so you can understand better why earthworms are a very important part of Living Soils. Download the Earthworm Hotel pdf here:

Allmende Waldgarten
Allmende WaldgartenVerden, Germany

autumn gathering in the forestgarden, 22.9.-2.10.2017 (Germany)

In september some cornel cherries, brambles, buckthorn and silverberries will be ripe and due to this springs late frosts there'll be no other fruits besides 5 apples. We planned another field trip to 'Gourmetgärtnerei' in the area. As always we’ll offer exciting and boring workings like blackthorn scything, weeding, watering, fertalising,

Naomi van der Velden
Naomi van der VeldenUnited Kingdom

Welcome to the first GROW Experiment!

The GROW Experiments aim to help you better understand your own growing practices and how to improve them and to answer key questions about sustainable growing practices on a broader scale. This first experiment is designed to take place between August and October 2017, Citizen scientists like you will investigate if

Wynne Lewis
Wynne LewisBIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom

Further reding

Although it was written in 1881 Charles Darwin's book on earthworms is a fantastic read. It is a rigorous exploration of the activity of worms and can not be faulted for its scientific method but is a damn good read. The section on worms response to music had me in

Deborah Long
Deborah LongStirling, United Kingdom

Living Soils: our new theme for August

Check out our new guest blog to open up discussions on our new monthly theme of Living Soils: Glorious Earthworms! By Vanessa Amaral-Rogers from Buglife. Find out why it's hard to hate an earthworm...