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Bedding Down in January!

Each month as part of the GROW theme we suggest some articles and videos we think will interest, entertain and inform. This month’s theme is ‘Bedding Down’. Chris from Permaculture Association has given us some great ideas on bedding down in winter including things to do inside in the

Joanne Harvey
Joanne HarveyDumbarton, United Kingdom

School garden

Hi, we have had a tiny school garden for ten years with minimal interest from pupils. However, this year, a few very enthusiastic children started to come along and within 8 months they now have a working garden. We have raised beds for veggies, flower and shrub areas, and pathways.

Alcina Dourado
Alcina DouradoLisbon, Portugal

Pedagogical vegetable garden in Lisbon

I'm a parent and i'm coordinating a project that takes place in a school in Lisbon, Portugal. It's called Projeto Horta Urbana em Ambiente Escolar (PHUAE) or urban vegetable garden project in a school environment. More info available in portuguese at The aim is to grow food with the help of volunteers

Allmende Waldgarten
Allmende WaldgartenVerden, Germany

winter gathering in the forestgarden 14.-18.12.

This year we’re doing our second winter gathering in the forestgarden! Housing is in heated rooms to be on the safe side. Near to winter solstice we’re probably getting up in the dark and at half past 4 it’s dark again. The time in between we’re gonna spend (besides having

Jaap Bosman
Jaap BosmanNetherlands

mulching experiment

in the mulching experiment august and october are mentioned. Now is almost october, is starting the experiment still possible?

Living Soil

Living Soil is the GROW Observatory monthly theme for August. Each month, GROW looks at a topic or theme related to our project goals. This becomes our monthly theme, and we develop blogs, activities, and other content to share with you. We also look to other content creators who have interesting